Male Scammer Damian  Luis

Scammer Damian  Luis

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First Name: Damian
Location [Address]: New Jerseyunknown Atco
Age: 31
Aka: hall

Damian  Luis

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On February 7th this man contacted me by Face book during a friendship request. I talked with him every day until two weeks ago. He told me that he was widowed and has one son of 14 years old which lives in Houton Texas on a boarding school. He works in Norway as a drilling engineer for pro safe on a rig for three months in a row with afterwards one month off duty. He is very friendly and told me he fell in love when he saw my picture and after three weeks he wanted to marry me, sending me copied love letters of the web etc. Suddenly he mentioned some personal problems according to his son, he had to go on a fieldtrip with school to Rio Brasil. The man forgot to budget this before leaving for work and some personal friends of him couldn’t help him because they had problems of their own. He never asked directly for the money but mentioned every now and then this problem. Than he was offline for a couple off days without noticing me and afterwards he told this was because of the problems with the money for his son. He had thought about asking me for assistance he told me since he was in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t send the money using money gram. I told him that i couldn’t help him with money but could assist him transferring the money from his own bank account. Than i did some research with new photos of him and found out that this man was also named earnest way ne smith and had several accounts on face book using this name. I confronted him with this and never heard of him again.



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