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Male Scammer Chris Kreider

Scammer Chris Kreider


Scam Danger: 


First Name: Chris
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 41
Aka: unknown
Phone: unknown

Reports :

Scam Report

Contacted me had loads of conversations, and letters from him even on video, but always something wrong with his micro, but have recognized him on the video's posted here. Send him a few times money, when I told him I couldn't anymore, he told me his secretarry's boss would send it to me and I had to transfer it to someone else in Accra, Ghana, checked it out and could be possible because he has a profile on Linkedin too. But now I'm afraid he's scamming that other lady too, so I told him to let her send the money herself to that person and I wouldn't do it anymore. He contacted me last time 3 weeks ago once more for money and asked him what part of NO he didn't unerstand. He said I din't care anymore for him and that's the last thing I heard from him. Though a few months ago after a money transfer I got a Skype call from someone, with a heavy African accent telling me I was be scammed talked with him about it but he's an unbelievable master in deception, so I gave him the benefit of a doubt.



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