Male Scammer Ajay Khan

Scammer Ajay Khan


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First Name: Ajay
Location [Address]: unknown Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Age: 42
Aka: unknown
Phone: 9037085447

Reports :

Scam Report

Supposedly Ajay, contacted me requesting we be friends via Facebook approximately Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2018. I accepted his request on Friday, Feb 2. We chatted via Facebook Messenger on Sat, Feb 3, with him telling me that he was a doctor who works in Afghanistan... although his profile states he lives in Dallas, TX and is also from Dallas. If his real name is Oliver Smith, why does the name in his FB profile link show Joseph Arthur? His profile page shows posts reading: The most alluring booties 13 sexy pic | From crunkynation CRUNKYNATION.COM (Of course every doctor has those types of posts on his page - NOT!) He barely has any info on his profile page, and also doesn't show any friends or relatives on his page. Since his profile stated that he was turning 26 that day, I questioned him on his REAL age, as his profile pic is obviously older than that. He then stated he was 57, and the year stated was the year his first son was born. He then stated he was born Feb 3, 1963 (which would make him 55 on that day). I questioned him on the validity of the information he'd stated to that point, telling him that I didn't feel I could trust anything he was saying. He claimed to have proof of everything he'd stated. Hmmmmm... which date does the proof show, I wonder. Of course, I never saw any proof of anything. I told him I don't like dishonest people who lie about everything!




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