Male Scammer adam anderson

Scammer adam anderson


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First Name: adam
Location [Address]: UK

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Scamming scenario:

I sent him a message. He gave me a Gmail address and asked to email him there. A lot of the communication was done via text message. No IM at all. We had sent at least 100 email. After just a few he said he was going to Malaysia to do work for Global X. he arrived and sent pics of the containers on seaside etc...Then said someone had stolen his wallet but not his passport. I asked if I could help. His immediacy asked for 1500.00 for fuel, hotel, etc...I was very specious at this time but yet wanted to give him been He was very pleasant and persistent about the money. He gave me an account number for Global x. I think I would have given him the money if I would have had it. He said the hotel was sizing his passport because he could not pay and he had to move to a church. He had not eaten in 3 days. He started to get pushy with me because I told him I would contact Salvation Army, they have a mission not far from the church he said he was at, and I would call the embasy and get him home. I know he figured out I knew but he wouldn’t give in, I can give more details later. I did not give him any money and have accidently emailed him at that address, and phone.



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