Male Scammer Aaron Wickstrom

Scammer Aaron Wickstrom


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First Name: Aaron
Location [Address]: 315 9th Avenue NE Roseau MN 56751

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Scam Report:

I found out that this man is a scammer, as he sent me exactly same kind of letter as has been sent to someone else here on this scammer site by the same person. How same person's mother can be killed twice..? To me Anthony told that his mother travelled from New Zealand (where she lived in the house, which Anthony had bought to her) to her origin home country, Spain to meet some family, and died in Madrid just when we supposed to meet. When I planned to fly to Madrid to support him, they had to move the body quickly back to New Zealand. To me he told that he was born on 22nd January. He never said the year, but on the Aussie Cupid site there was that his age was 58, if I remember correctly. He removed his Aussie Cupid site quite quickly when we started to write to each other. He said the reason was that he has found the right one. The woman of his dreams! Humph!!!? Later he opened me his Face book information site and I found there that his birthday was 15th November. When I asked about it, he got a bit irritated, but he said he'd made a mistake and that he doesn't want to show the right info to everyone..? That indeed made me suspicious. I found him lying to me many times. This kind of very small lies, but I'm very sensitive with things and I don't like to been lied. So especially in the beginning of the relationship I observe the other with a magnifying glass. I think it's worthy! Even when you feel you're in love. I felt I was, but immediately when I found I've been cheated I lost all my feelings to him. There's no love to him. There's no Anthony. There's just some kind of narcissist, who enjoys manipulating people and getting money to himself. The story begins from where I sent a sign of interest to him. He is a very good looking man with many photos. His writing and all the appearance was very nice and open, so I couldn't think at first he was a scammer.



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