Female Scammer Zhanna  Timofeeva

Zhanna  Timofeeva

Female Scammer Zhanna  Timofeeva

E-mail: zhannetkat@yandex.ru
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First Name: Zhanna
Location [Address]: Kramatorsk
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Zhanna  Timofeeva

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Today I have come to the Internet-cafe and very much was delighted, that you have written me the letter. I am am pleased very much with your letters. It is very pleasant to me to receive from you letters. I you very much love also I it I understand with each your new letter. The darling when I the first time have sent the letter to you I have thought for what it is necessary to me? I was afraid a little, because on the Internet it is a lot of deceit and I was afraid, as somebody can deceive me... But now I do not regret, that have got acquainted with you because I have found the love and very much to it is glad. I love you and I trust completely. I know, that you will not begin to deceive me and will love as well as I love you. We love each other and it very much pleases me. When I have decided to find the the man of heart through the Internet I hoped that I shall find worthy the man with which I shall be happy which I shall love also which me will love. Each girl dreams of the present love and at me this love is. It you!!! You my love and anybody are not necessary to me any more except for you. I know it precisely... The Darling, I want, that you wrote to me, how you love me, from these words to me becomes so well because we yet together and only your letters calm me. But I know, that soon we shall together because we love each other and should be together. I know, that you consider as. Such person who always will be with me is necessary to me, I want serious attitudes because to me already many years and for a long time it is time to me to think of the future. I very much dream of the children, about the favourite husband. The darling, I wish to ask you as you represent us in the future, for me it is very important... I love you and I do not wish you to lose. For me your letters are very important and I always wait from you for the letter...



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