Female Scammer Yulya 


Female Scammer Yulya 

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First Name: Yulya
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Hello,my new friend . How are you? Glad to see your letter in my mailbox Thank you for appearing in my life. Well, I think I should tell you something about myself. I have no children and have never been married. My birthday is June 18, and now I'm 28 years old (but forever 18 at heart!) I am for a healthy lifestyle, so I do not smoke (or about once a year. I also don't use drugs (but I can understand people who smoke a little). As for alcohol, I'm a drunkard. I can have wine or a couple of cocktails with friends, but this is rare. So ... I am waiting for your CV and hope to receive it soon Also I am sending some of my photos and please send me yours! My friend, if you do not mind that I call you that, tell about yourself, about your hobbies. What books do you read, what music do you prefer, what movies you watch. How do you like to spend your free time? I hope to get to know you better after you tell me about your hobbies I think this is one of the best ways to get to know someone better. So let me tell you about mine I love watching smart movies that make you think about them after they end. I also love historical dramas, science fiction, fantasy. And, of course, films about love, such as "Titanic" The music I listen to is also different. It can be classical music when I come home from work, rock music when I exercise, R'n'B or techno when I go to parties And about books I like to read light novels when I relax. on the beach and in popular science literature at work Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I have a small clothing store. I really love my job! And that love gives me the energy to work hard. You know that business is so unstable that sometimes I have to work overtime or work on vacation. But during this pandemic, business is not going well and many shops are closed ... Tell me about your work! Do you like that? Do you think you really do what you love and does your job bring happiness? After hard work in the store, I work a lot in the gym And you? Do you like sports? What are your plans for the evening? Waiting for your reply.



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