Female Scammer Vanessa 


Female Scammer Vanessa 

E-mail: Vanessaaggrey01@gmail.com
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First Name: Vanessa
Location [Address]: Sh
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it was very nice to read your letter. believe I have never met anyone who would be so gentle and very attentive in talking with me. and of course it is so pleasant for me. I can see you have got a good education and you know how to treat woman in a good way. thank you for so nice letter. it makes me pleasant everytime. you are so lovely and sweet and I feel more impatient to meet you. I will take your care when we are together with a great pleasure. well I've started making documents I will need to fly to you this morning. and as I said you before it will be ready till the next Friday. and if it will be so I will be in Heathrow after next week-end. I wish this time would go more faster :) what about money. first of all I want you to know how I appreciate that you helps me to get there. actually I am used to pay everything by myself but here is such situation.. I didn't expect this at all. but I am glad you understand me. so I think you should know what is western union and to use it. I want you to ask to use this to help me. because I don't have another way. we have western union office in Vladimir. and I hope you have it there too. I used it before when I got some money from my parents when I was at the Black Sea last summer (I think I wrote you about that). you need to know my information to send it. here is it: so please write this information to your notebook because you shouldn't make any mistakes in writing that. you know they will check my information with my ID. and as soon as you did this transfer write me your full information (like I wrote you mine), name of the city from there you sent this money, control number and amount which you sent. I hope you remember I need 350 euros. but I don't know how much it will be in pounds. so that's all. I think so.. :) if you already know how to use it I am sorry :) well I am glad to hear that you still like me and not my friends. I am very glad to hear that. I have to go now and I will wait your next letter.



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