Female Scammer Tracy 


Female Scammer Tracy 

E-mail: unknown
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First Name: Tracy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 33
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tracey, Traci, Traicy, Treacy

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Who the cheater started contacting suseena bhaji.How did this contact start and on what website did you meet the contact? Olga sent the first message to my email. Website: www.single-russian-woman.com What time did you correspond with the cheater? 13 weeks. Even if you noticed something strange or suspicious in your correspondence? At first I didn't notice anything suspicious. But I started to wonder because her phone number didn't work. She explained that her phone has foreign blocking. It was her employer's phone but she never told her employer's name. She only called me one short 2 minute call from the payphone all the time! Too bad I couldn't record his call to me !! She had traveled from Novodvinsk to Moscow to wait for her next flight. She said she wanted to stay a couple of nights in Moscow and would have a visa interview at the embassy. She had rented an apartment for a couple of nights in Lobnya, Moscow. After all, she lived in the same rental apartment from 29.09.2019 to 18.10.2019. That is, three weeks! But she didn't tell me the name and address of the place! I tried many times to ask, but she never answered my question about the name and address of her rental apartment. How was the money request started and for what purpose? She had arrived in Moscow and had a visa interview with the embassy, ??but she had not received a visa because she did not have enough money to live abroad during the trip. What was the name of the person receiving / requesting the money transfer? Suseena bhaji. How much money was asked for? 1500 ?. How much money was sent? 1050 ?. How many times did a money request occur? She asked twice. How did the correspondence end? She changed her request for money a second time and said that 550 euros was enough and she would go to the embassy the next day to get a visa. The second time I sent money 550 euros. Immediately after my money was sent to her, she disappeared immediately, and he no longer responds to my messages.



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