Female Scammer Toma Boiko

Toma Boiko

Female Scammer Toma Boiko

E-mail: maloy747563@mail.ru
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First Name: Toma
Location [Address]: Moscow
Age: 35
Birth Date: 13-12-1980

Toma Boiko

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Letter 1
Hi there,
Gavin It was so nice to hear from you. Thank you for shearing lots nice pictures with me. Every one has its own dreams, and if you and I have the same dream, then we could work on that together with effort, and I am sure the common dream of us will be able to come true one day if we are sincere and honest enough to each other.
Now I would like to tell you some about me then we can learn each other by emails. My name is Menghua (First name) QIN (last name). I live in Liuzhou , Guangxi in southern China . Our city is not too big. We have around 1 million populations. Our city has an alias name, Dragon City .
Because there are lots factories in Liuzhou , Liuzhou is not a good place for living and touring. I was born on August 05, 1960. I am 162cm in tall. My weight is 60kg . I graduated from university. What I learned in university was industry accounting.
After I left the university, I worked in a bank as accountant. But I quitted my bank job years ago and then followed a very famous herbalist doctor in our city to learn Chinese traditional medicine.
I have learned some acupuncture, massage, Chinese traditional medicine theory and herb knowledge from her. Late, we cooperated to run a Chinese traditional health care and beauty parlor till now. We used acupuncture, massage and herb to help people loss weight, to keep their skin being beauty and to keep their body being health.
In order to run the business well, I also have learned some about nutrition and eating in health. The business runs well now. And I think I can run the same business well anywhere with my ability. My parents both have passed away in age 80+. We have 6 siblings in the family.
I am the fifth. I have 3 older sisters, 1 older brother and 1 younger brother. All of them are married and have children. All my families live in Liuzhou too so we are very close. We usually have a family reunion when it is holiday/festivals.
I am a petite woman. Though I have some childish, I can cook well, love to do homework and love to make the house tidy and comfortable, love and enjoy family life.
Maybe I am not too beautiful, but I have a good heart, broad-minded and outspoken, honesty, laughing, when I sad I also cry. I am an easy-going women, I don?t like the people who tell a lie.
I like reading, traveling. I am wisdom. I like sing and dancing, mountain-climbing, sea, beautiful clothes and every beautiful thing in the world I am a broad-minded and outspoken woman; I am good heart and tender, sensitive.
A nice family education makes me be a traditional female. I am a traditional woman with modern style but I also love new thing and keep a curious heart for world. I treat friend sincerely and love to make friend who is sincere I am kind and gentle. I am also a very understanding person.
I am tender, full of passion with life and I have a good character. I live alone now. I have never been married though I once had a boyfriend and closed to get married.
The important thing to me in life now is that live with a person that I love and love each other forever. My favorite food is Chinese food but I don't partiality for a particular kind of food. I also enjoy Japanese, Korean, Italian, IFrench and many other types of food, even American fast food such as McDonald and KFC.
I like cooking and I am a pretty good cook for Chinese food. I usually cook by myself. I think wife and husband should be communicate very day. It is a good way to keep strong relationship between two people and have a happy family.
So we have no any estrangement. In every day of my life I want you give a kiss and hug in the morning and evening, have a breakfast and dinner together, walk on the beach side by side and hand by hand in the moon night, read poetry to me and talk to me and listen to me in front of fireplace, often give me a surprise such as a small gift that you buy for me and a candle dinner that you cook for me.
It is so romantic and makes me to be intoxicated. I will be the happiest lady in the world. My recent pictures are attached. I want to learn more about you. Can you tell me more about you as I have told you about me in detail?
The best wish.



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