Female Scammer Tatyana Petuhova

Tatyana Petuhova

Female Scammer Tatyana Petuhova

E-mail: tatyanasunlove@netzero.net
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: Russia, 34005, Pine forest, Af Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia); Pe
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tanechka, Tani, Tantana, Tanus

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Hello,my love,Gerard!!!!
"How are you?How is your mood today.I couldn`t asleep this night,i was thinking about our meeting,our feelings,relationship.I am imagining our days together.I think it will be very romantic, passionate and unforgettable days when we are together and what are your thoughts about it When we will be together I want to give you feeling of independence and love, understanding, kindness, support.I will be always on the side of you, even if you are not right, I will always support you,because my man for me will always be the best. Happy relationship it`s where everything is done with love and respect.I know that not all days will be happy and unclouded in our life.But our love will help us with it. We will be loyal, sincere, truthful each other, we will respect each other and ready to listen and support each other, are you agree with me?How do you imagine our relationship should be I haven`t my own apartment here,i rent it.What did you mean about my relocation?and work situation? Today i am feeling very sad,they said us at work that we will need to stay at home because of the virus, quarantine and they will not be able to give us salary for this month i didn`t expect it,they didn`t warn us before,i am really shocked because i need to pay for the rent of the apartment and buy the food and now i don`t know what i will do without salary. Would you love us to meet?If yes,where and when Thank you for being with me,the thoughts about you warm my heart. With love,Tatyana Petuhova."



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