Female Scammer Tatyana Novikova

Tatyana Novikova

Female Scammer Tatyana Novikova

E-mail: tatrom@nm.ru
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: unknown Belgorod (Russia); Kansk (Rus
Age: 25
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alinka, Alya, Alyna, Alynka, T

Reports :

------Original Mesage-----
My dearest,
I received the same letter from the courier company inforapiddispatchcompanyservice@post.com and the content of their mail was well understood. I believe you also got the same mail.

Please my dear i plead with you to try your level best and send the insurance fee to them to enable them get the Insurance certificate needed so that they will be proceed to your country to deliver this consignment box to you, as soon as the company's diplomat arrives in your country and you collect the trunk box from him, just open the box with the code I sent to you and take out all the expenses you made and keep then balance well until i come to meet you few months time to enable us start a new life together with the money.

. Remember, I told you that here in Somalia we aren't allowed to use telephone, we only used walk talking radio in communication with our Soldier inside the camp and outside the camp, so I can't called the company in London. I plead with you to please take this matter serious and also take it as yours own money, because i know you won't let it lost or abandoned it it's your, and please follow the company's instruction so that everything goes well, Please dear, make sure you follow their instruction to enable them deliver the trunk box to you in your country as soon as possible.

For your information my dear, we not allowed here to have money in our hands because our Government are feeding and providing whatever we need here that was why i decided to sent all the money to you to avoid me having problem here, the money i used to paid the Rapid Despatch courier company their charges was from the trunk box before i closed the box and i did not know another charges will arise. so dear i plead for your kind understanding,

So please go ahead and send the Insurance certificate fee to them as they instructed and let me know when you send it to them, and please even if you manage to get the money from other sources, i can assure you, the money will be refunded back to wherever you might have gotten the money from with 100% interest, i just want the box to be secured in first and other things will be taken care of, i give you my word..

you can track the box with the tracking number given by the company and see that the box is not good to be abandoned because it has already be registered in your name and waiting for delivered to your address once the Insurance is obtained. so please hear my humble cry and request.
I will be waiting for your good news.
Best regards.
Sergeant Renata Criswell Sturlic.




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