Female Scammer Tatyana Kudryashova

Tatyana Kudryashova

Female Scammer Tatyana Kudryashova

E-mail: lovingirlcom@gmail.com
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: Cheboksary
Age: 31
Birth Date: 7/6/1984

Tatyana Kudryashova

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I met Kelly Adams on yahoo messenger. We chatted for couple of days,then she ask me e-mail address which I gave her. the next day there were photos of her in my inbox. Her beauty was so amazing. we sent e-mail back and forth. She ask me if I could help her purchase a cell phone. she told me its 800. 00. told her that was really high price. her answer was it cost more to be able to call out of the country. So I sent her the money. she did call more many times to tell me thankyou,and to say she loved me. its was not long after that she was asking for more money for her mothers medications. i sent more money,rent was 2 months past due sent money to help. You said that she Loved more then any man she has every met. She ask abt coming to America. She told me of the cost 8,000. 00 in Dec 2012. She also said her uncle work for travel agent company and that he can help us. He called me several times in 2012,2013. Got up the money sent it to her uncle. I ask for travel information for many months never got anything from him. What the details were of Kelly trip to America. he said he would get back to me,never heard from him. i should have stop all commucation then. but kept texting Kelly, she would text back to say i'm working on what you ask for as of this day I have not receive any information on visa,passport,flight schedule,have nothing from here but e-mails,photos of her. texts messengers,and chats on yahoo messanger. As of Aug2012 thru May 2014. I have sent over 25,000. 00 to her. Its real sad I did not no about your web-site until this last Friday 6/13/2014. I felt something was not right. There were times during the last 22months,she has not text me or wrote to me by internet. I would text her but no reply until weeks later she would reply back to say her phone was shut off because non-payment. every time it was always I did not receive your text. or that her phone was turn off. recently I was in the hospital for 3 weeks she did not even text me,or write to me on internet. I chatted with her last night 6/14/2014. She said she was very upset about something and she did not want to talk about it. Since find your site. My eyes have been open to all she is doing to men,she needs to be put behind BARS for what she has done. I do have letters,photos,to send to you. There on my Yahoo account. If there nothing done about this scammer. I will personaly find her myself. I will not stop looking for her. Its wrong what she has done to me and others. She want get away with it no more,she still out there scamming men to this day. She is still trying to scam me for more money even today receive text from her needing money to buy food. I wish I had find your site sooner,but now I no who she is and what she is doing. 25,000. 00 flush down the toilet.



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