Female Scammer Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan

Female Scammer Susan Morgan

E-mail: susan_morgan1970@yahoo.com
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First Name: Susan
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Sussan, Suzan

Reports :

The picture is of a 16 year old she says she is 38, a missionary christian in Africa who lives in Aurora Colorado. I mailed her and she said she is stuck in

Africa hiding from a fraud boyfriend who smuggled drugs and left her.i have been talking to this girl for quite some time and one day she says she wants to come down to were i live im like cool shes coming down here for work she gets to moscow she asks me for 980 $ for plane ticket cause she only has 300 and she need 1250 for round trip tickets i never sent the money but i told her i would call embassy and try to help her find a program were she can get a work visa so she can come here and work she stops emailing me LOL she tryed to scam the wrong person



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