Female Scammer Stella Okafor

Stella Okafor

Female Scammer Stella Okafor

E-mail: stella2kuite@yahoo.co.uk
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First Name: Stella
Location [Address]: 15, Osamede St Okumagba Layout Warri (Nigeria)
Age: 27
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Good Morning my Darling Valentina.Am so much happy to just receive your email as i was thinking u would not write so fast as this. and am so subprice and happy u did this morning . because i thought u are mad at me. and i want to Apologise for everything thatt i have done Valentinat. please forgive me ok. i do really love u and u know i did not mean to bring this small hurts as i was thinking i would get my ticket that soon the time u send me the money for my ticket not knowing there will be a time waiting small before i get it and i was explained everything last Friday at the American Airline Office. So please don’t get mad at me ok. because i am even so much more happy as u are right now. because i now have my ticket and flight info and don’t want to lose it as well Valentina. u can check the info ans everything details i gave u as well. i want u to know i do also care about ur feelings and dont want to hurt that. so was worried and sad when this was all going now. and now i think am happy things are moving on well for us now Valentina.And i hope u are also happy now. so please let forget what has happened in the past ok. i do love you and want a happy family with u Valentina. i missed u every morning i wake up from bed and thought i would be there oneday with you.And hope u read the email i sent u as well Valentina because i want to know if u would get me the money on tomorrow morning before my flight flys in the afternoon evnning. as the tims shown. and i hope u also know the time am landing at the Rock Airport and date as well.Okay Valentina i will send u the picture i required now. and will wait to hear back soon from you my love. because i got my dresses and baged packed last 2days ago only waiting to hear back from u then we can see what to do then. so let me know if i would be let me get that fast and soon tomorrow morning then i can travel.and u should also understand that am not paying this money to anyone or given it to anyone. am only showing it tto Immigration and u can do an enquiries to ask about that Valentina. i do love you so much Valentina and cant wait to wake next to you one day and make each other happy as well.and am wishing to hear back soon from you then my love.Yours Valentina.



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