Female Scammer Sophia Kenny

Sophia Kenny

Female Scammer Sophia Kenny

E-mail: sophiakenny18@yahoo.com
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First Name: Sophia
Location [Address]: Shop B234, Adugretta Market, P Porto-Novo (Benin)
Age: 31
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This lady inititated the contact in the beginning of April from this address hirano.dc@i.softbank.jp, asking me to answer to the following address angelnatty87@mail.ru. She was clear from the very beginning that she was not after my money, and also seemed to be seriously interested in developing a friendship. After some mail exchange during a couple of weeks she suggested the possibility of coming to visit me in my country. Gradually she became more specific about her plans, proposing to visit me in May or June, carefully hinting at her efforts to gather enough money to be able to realize her trip. She sent me copy of her flight schedule, making her visit more realistic. It came as no surprise as she in her next letter told me her heart was breaking from pain and grief etc, because she realized she had not enough money for the travel, and asked me to send her 320 EUROS.



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