Female Scammer Sarah 


Female Scammer Sarah 

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First Name: Sarah
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
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I am on the Silver Singles website and was approached by this scammer in October. She stated that she was looking to take a chance with me. She claimed that she was sexually harassed on the dating site and cancelled her membership. I had lost my wife in April and I fell for this woman. She charmed me with emails and eventually via text messages. She conned me into sending her a brand new Apple Mac Book Pro laptop because she had fallen down and smashed the one she had. I never hesitated and spent $2000.00 when I shipped it to her in Cyprus. Exactly a week later she claimed she was expected to pay a certificate of completion fee in Turkey of 28,000 Euros and asked me to try and help her by getting 13k to her so that she could come back home to Colorado Springs. I declined saying that this was far too much for me to get for her. She eventually stopped texting me and had ignored any of my messages. She tore my heart out and sent me reeling back into a dark place that I have barely come out of. When I saw Gary's post on this scammer site, it confirmed my belief that I was scammed. She did the same exact thing to me as she did to Gary to the letter. The pictures I saw here were the same ones I was sent by her.



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