Female Scammer Rose Tracy Williams

Rose Tracy Williams

Female Scammer Rose Tracy Williams

E-mail: rosetracy92@yahoo.com
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First Name: Rose Tracy
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 32
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tracey, Traci, Traicy, Treacy

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I have been keeping contact with luba for the last two months after she contacted me wanting to get acquainted, after few letter she mention the difficulty to earn money, her salary as a pediatrist was too small and couldn`t afford to buy a phone so we could talk but because she didn`t have a valid documents to receive a money gram was more appropiate to send it on his cousin`s name, sometimes brother edik or vasiliev eduard i already have sent US $ 700.00 and this week i was supposed to send her another US$ 1,000.00 for documents so she could travel to Australia, i started to get suspicious a few weeks ago but even so i ciontinued e-mailing her i decided to hire a private detective when coincidentaly i found your webside and i have found her picture together with other two girls i thought they were also genuine, i feel lucky after all. this is a great thing, i woke up, i should have heard my instint.



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