Female Scammer Patience Achii

Patience Achii

Female Scammer Patience Achii

E-mail: achi.patience@yahoo.com
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First Name: Patience
Location [Address]: Rev Father John Williams , inc Accra (Ghana); Dakar (Senegal
Age: 22
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Hello. I'm glad you answered me. Sorry for the delay in reply. I will try to answer faster in the future. I want to tell you a little more about myself today and once again explain what I'm looking for. Please be careful and decide whether you want to try to get to know me better or not. You probably already understood that my name is Patience Achii. I was born and live in Turkey. Surely you heard how we had strong earthquakes this year and rescuers from all over the world helped us. Even I felt strong jolts. I live in Batman city. I have a good education. But I work in an ordinary grocery store as a cashier. It's very difficult to work here these days. I'm looking for a soul mate. It sounds trite, but it's true. I'm looking for a responsible man and an adult inside me. I'm looking for normal love, without perversions like ***** photos. I don't understand why people ask for ***** pictures of each other. I have already tried to write to some and they immediately ask me for a ***** photo. Is this a new era of dating? Dating *****? In general, I do not understand this. So don't ever ask me for ***** photos. Because it's ******. I'm looking for the value of love and a serious relationship. Not necessarily a wedding. But I want a healthy relationship where, first of all, respect for each other, honesty, care and understanding. And only in this case, everything else in the relationship will be at the highest level. I'm not just looking for ***. It can be obtained easily here as well. But with relationships it’s difficult and finding good and strong ones is becoming increasingly difficult. I focus on this, because it seems to me that now everyone is looking only for *** and people are not at all interested in what is in their souls and hearts. I hope you are looking for the same. Sorry for drawing attention to this. I am a tender and passionate woman. I want to love and be loved. I'm looking for a high relationship. I am 22 years old. Please send me your photos, write something about yourself. Write whatever you want if you're really interested and don't want to play games with your feelings. I will be happy to see your answer.



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