Female Scammer Olu Soola Tian

Olu Soola Tian

Female Scammer Olu Soola Tian

E-mail: soola22345@gmail.com
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First Name: Olu Soola
Location [Address]: unknown Cotonou (Benin); Lagos (Niger
Age: 28
Birth Date:

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Letter 1Her first letter:I whont take your hand kvitli ! in mine too, in perfect love bring you closer to me so that we could share our meni kisis, look into each others eyes and feel together that electricity we should share together as we touch. Imagine falling into my arms and whispering to my ear your feelings andhearing me do the same, imagine that we should then be one spirit together, as we feel ourselves merge into each other's conciousness like the colours in a painting, we should be together on a single canvass. I would take you in hag and to hold youd you close to me as we sleep, our skins touching and our arms about one another so that as we wake we shall say to each other, ""! and I gove you all my love!"", I think this is the start that binds us as one together in a special love which can never be broken, do you dream this too? If you dream this too, then we have made this first connection together that will lead us to make each other happy forever, it is that special feeling of being one.if you whont am be er friend ! ? Also writes this letter in the first response to a man: I liked your questionnaire+ 380665732901 I remind once again my number of bodies invite you on a visit in 1-2 weeks - when it will be convenient you - call - only in the morning - all put I work. I wish you to invite - I стречу at the airport - I shall find where to live in Odessa - I wish to know you better - than on correspondence - if you search precisely serious good attitudes - call (I if I cannot speak much - I shall be more free in a week) - cam too Ukrain see my _______й. Yours faithfully _ SVETA)))))) It sounds like this is a man playing with others claiming himself a beautiful girl. Nobody knows why he asks others to come to Ukraine. Maybe it is a new scamming scenario or just a kind of bad joke.



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