Female Scammer Olga Fedoruk

Olga Fedoruk

Female Scammer Olga Fedoruk

E-mail: olgafedoruk@mail.ru
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First Name: Olga
Location [Address]: unknown Kharkov (Ukraine)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Helga, Lelya, Olchik, Olechka,

Reports :

Letter 1
Olga Fedoruk from Kharkov, who appears listed on this site and other various sites did go to medical university in Kharkov and qualified as a doctor. However after leaving university she didn't work as a doctor at all, she has been working as a hairdresser, like her sister Tatyana. It is suspected she used the money she took under fraudulent circumstances to help herself and her sister start there own hairdressing or beauty salon. Olga Fedoruk (date of birth 19 July 1980) has never paid any tax in Ukriane, so the authorities there could look into tax evasion. So it is clear Olga was playing a game all the time of working as a doctor, even inventing various stories of patients she was caring for. Fortunately she has been removed from most of the dating agencies she used, but she is looking for new ways of scamming so look out for her. You can find her photo's on this site if you search for Fedoruk. It is clear that Olga did make more than $20,000 over the last 3 years, that is only from the men who have reported her, we do know there was quite a few more, so if you did know this girl, if you were or are in contact with her I ask you to make a report here, and eport her to Ukrainain authorities. There is likely to be action taken against her at some stage to retrieve the money she took under fraud so all information is very welcome. It is very clear that her family and her boyfriend and her sisters husband were all aware of what was going on and assisted her in her deception. She is a very persisitent liar even in the face of all the evidence. Olga was married when her profile was on the agencies as being single, she did divorce in 2004 but ist living with her long-term boyfriend. It has become more difficult and dangerous for her to scam now since she was removed from some of the agencies but she is very aggresive and persistent so she won't give up trying. She has made thousands of dollars from me and other men, and has used the same stories, the usual medical complaints for her and her family, and the story about being bitten by an infected cat. She is very convincing, and i was shocked when i first learnt of her scamming, and just how far she took it with others. She got more than $5,000 from me over the last 2 years for various reasons, but I have learnt that there are others who have given her much more, and some have attempted to pursue it. Olga has got an apartment for herself out of this. But she has lost alot of her men recently, and so has lost alot of income, so she is actively seeking to find new men. i do hope men will be warned. She is a doctor in Kharkov, Ukraine. She does have a sister Tanya Fedoruk, and I do know Tanya doesn't ever wish to leave Ukraine, but she is also profiled on agency websites, so presumably she plays the same games.



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