Female Scammer Olesya Kapusnyak

Olesya Kapusnyak

Female Scammer Olesya Kapusnyak

E-mail: zolotay_lesya@mail.ru
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First Name: Olesya
Location [Address]: Ukraine, 91000, Lugansk, Zhuko Lugansk (Ukraine); Zolotoe (U
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alesia, Alesya, Iana, Iyana, J

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Scammer Scenario

I met this guy online and we emailed & talked on messenger. She said she was an engineer and got a job in Accra Ghana Africa. Because of our age difference, I told her I could only be her friend. I gave her my cell phone number and ask her to text me when she got there so I would know she made it safe. She said she was taking her daughter with her. I started texting both of them and couldn't help but fall for her. She said everything a girl would want to hear. I sent them a package of snacks and an old cell phone to the address in Accra. She told me to mail it to Doblay and she signed for it. She called me ask told me she was in love with me and ask me to wait for her. She would be there for 6 months. I told her I wouldn't say I would wait but we would see how things went. Long story but things started happening and she needed money. She did get some out of me but I caught on that she wasn't who she said she was. It made me not trust anyone though. I had already had several to try to scam me before her and told her that. I even paid to have her checked out and no one by her name had left the USA. She didn't write like other scammers though so I can understand why she is getting by with so much. she sounds really educated.



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