Female Scammer Olesya Aktanaeva

Olesya Aktanaeva

Female Scammer Olesya Aktanaeva

E-mail: olesya09@list.ru
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First Name: Olesya
Location [Address]: Street Montazhnikov 43 Apt 21, Orenburg (Russia)
Age: 32
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alesia, Alesya, Lesya, Olesech

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Scammer Report

she contacted me through Face book sending me a friend request. I accepted and she started politely greeted me, and then sending long romantic letters even when I told her that I was married. she introduced herself as Andy Hugo Mill from Italy, a diplomatic journalist working for the United Nation based in New York. The same day I realized she was lying about the time zone, she got it and the second day she told me that I am trustworthy and she decided to tell me the truth. she was deployed by the organization to Syria, so she needed my phone number to set a gadget communicator for more secure chats. I denied, she dared me to set hangouts app for security reasons. It wasn't enough, she insisted to disclose my email address. I did so regardless the fact that I was suspicious. she asked me to update her status from widow to fiancé so she could leave Syria and come to the States and meet me in person that was the only way to leave from Syria. I referred her immediately to a therapist because she's under stress and I knew that I was a victim. she was asking me if I owned my house with my husband, and how much money I have spent for my luxury car. she promised me the world and when she realized that I was very negative she was getting very upset. I speak Italian, she didn't know that, and when I texted her Italian she replied back in perfect English. I was sure that she was a native English speaker. she wanted to use me to come to the States.



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