Female Scammer Oksana Shigaleva

Oksana Shigaleva

Female Scammer Oksana Shigaleva

E-mail: vanila-girl@inbox.ru
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First Name: Oksana
Location [Address]: Russia, Zvenigovo, Lenina Stre Zvenigovo (Russia)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Kensij, Ksusha, Ksushka, Ksyus

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The United Nations cargo shipping company LlC Rotterdam is a seafaring engineer on the high seas. He wrote my mother robbed her that she lost her apartment, talked to her about marriage and cheated money from her unfortunately she even persuaded me to pay her a plane ticket to Germany she asked for the money at Bankszamla. The money was never sent back and did not come to our country. With the help of United Nations delivery worldwide, it does this because they know about it and don't help. They are also asking the Bank Manager for $ 2,500 up for a cheat tax code but not through the bank account but through Western Union or Money gram. It is a shame that, the UN allows this and they do nothing. With United Nations worldwide delivery real it sure is London.



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