Female Scammer Nataliya Kopylova

Nataliya Kopylova

Female Scammer Nataliya Kopylova

E-mail: bornat08@gmail.com/eblenabon@g
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First Name: Nataliya
Location [Address]: Samara
Age: 33
Birth Date: 22-08-1982

Nataliya Kopylova

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Hello my dear, my dear Jay. Do you like it if I start my email with these words? Jay I have missed you for this time. Honestly !!! (I even blushed) My dear Jay I want to start today's letter with such beautiful words about you. Dear, sweet, my sweet - do you like me, if I address you to such words? Of course I'm a little ashamed for such a short time that we know each other to turn to you with such kind words, but if you do not mind, I will put off my shame and will address you so cute. Give me your answer. Jay, I just checked my mail in the hope of seeing your letter. Do not think that I did not expect your letter. I very, very, very, and many times very much waited for your letter. I missed your answer and finally I can read your next letter to me again. I can not thank you for your early reply to me and for this I sincerely tell you Thank you. Jay I am very glad that you also try to be sincere with me. Jay know, lately I've been thinking about you ever more often. I do not know how to describe this feeling to you now and I can only tell you now that this feeling is like love. I have never believed in love through the Internet before, but now I change my mind. Maybe there really is such a love. Excuse me for my next thought about life, about love, but I have such a nature that I can not do otherwise. It would be interesting to know your opinion about it. Do you think this is possible or not? Jay I am very ashamed at times to ask you such difficult questions, so if you do not want, then you can not answer them. I just would be interested to know your opinion, but at the same time I do not want to annoy you. So if you want, then answer, if not, then forget about it. Well, probably enough on this about love and feelings. I'm not a poet, but you probably already noticed that sometimes I can write beautifully. It was a compliment to myself. Never mind. Jay can I ask you something else. Compared with the previous question, I would like you to answer this question to me. Jay tell me honestly, have you ever thought about meeting me? I know this is a premature question, but if you've already thought about it, then how do you represent our first meeting? Personally, every day I think more and more about meeting with you. I know that I hasten the event, but on the other hand, why write a thousand letters to each other, if these letters can be replaced by one meeting. Consider all these words about meeting my invitation for you. Yes, I would like to invite you to my home in Kirov, unless of course you desire it. So what do you think? Would you like to come on a date to me in Russia? If your answer was positive, then it would be great. I could meet you at home and would not even allow you to book a hotel here. As they say in Russia - My house is your home !!! So what do you think of our meeting in Kirov !? I will wait for your answer to this question and very much hope that I do not rush into this now. So Jay, it turned out to be a difficult letter for you and also for me. I'll stop at this and wait for your reply letter. Please do not be silent on me and write your reply soon. I already miss you. A kiss on the lips. Sincerely your Diana.



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