Female Scammer Natalia Motorina

Natalia Motorina

Female Scammer Natalia Motorina

E-mail: natasham@newmail.ru

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First Name: Natalia
Location [Address]: Kramatorskaja 11-23, Kazan, Ru Kazan (Russia)
Age: 34
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nata, Natali, Nataliya, Natalo

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-Original Message-
Hello my dear !!! I am glad to see your letter again! I have a lot of joy and happiness from receiving your letter! your letter lifts my spirits! with every your letter, my heart rejoices!!!))) My dear Jacob what happened to you as a child is over terribly! but in cold water, even an experienced swimmer can drown! especially if the ice has failed and overturned! that is, it is impossible to swim out safely because the ice has closed all the exits... then no one can get out! you're lucky your dad was there for you! fortunately, I didn't have such situations. you know, I am a sensitive woman and I love affection and kindness, I love to be loved and maintain romance in a relationship. please don't hurt me because I don't want to have a broken heart! I want to truly open my heart to a decent man who will fill it with love and with whom I could be happy! I really wish that man was you! of course I do not know you personally well, but my heart tells me that we will succeed! tell me, please, for love's sake, what are you willing to do? I want to live my life with a good loyal decent man with whom I can always feel completely safe and comfortable and I will give him the same in return!!!! first of all, I appreciate in a man: sincerity, kindness and loyalty!!! A man who understands the importance of trust, honesty,and he respects himself and the people around him!!!! I think that these qualities are very important for men and women! Only then can a couple build true love! What do you think? I'm sending you my photos! Which photo do you like best??? have you seen my photo of me lying on an air mattress? would you like to lie down next to me and sunbathe? I love to sunbathe and swim !!! from the sun's rays, my skin turns brown and very ****!!! You probably noticed that in the photo I have different hair! I used to have dark hair! but now I've painted it lighter! tell me, do I look better with dark hair or light? Like I told you, I love cooking!!! and if we are together one day, you will enjoy my delicious dishes !!! in Russia, they say that the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach! perhaps this is true!!??? what do you think? tell me what you usually eat and what you like? I want to know more and more about your daily life! tell me! One of these days I'll be making a delicious raspberry cupcake!!! I want to record a video for you and show you what I can cook!!! would you like to try my cupcake??? Would you like to lick berries and cream off my body???? or what are your fantasies? I kiss and hug you!!! I hope you liked my letter and my photos!!! I wish you a good mood!



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