Female Scammer Natalia Korgan

Natalia Korgan

Female Scammer Natalia Korgan

E-mail: tatalek_87@mail.ru
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First Name: Natalia
Location [Address]: Ukraine, Lugansk, Eremenko Blo Lugansk (Ukraine)
Age: 23
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nata, Natali, Nataliya, Natalo

Reports :

"Today is a beautiful day, I got it again from you, my friend Sam.I wish I could speak your language. I use an online translator to understand you.I'm trying to learn English on my own, but so far no good results.In the way we communicate there is a sense of romance, I missed it a lot.I want female happiness and to be loved, to feel the support of a man. That's why I am looking for a man older than myself.My peers are not capable of showing that very pure love.And I've noticed that most guys are afraid to talk to me. Maybe they're shy.I understand that I won't be able to start a relationship here in the countryside, but I don't want to travel all over Ukraine and look for love either.I made a drastic decision, I wanted a new experience and I wrote to you. Dating a foreigner seems like a good idea.I was once in Georgia, but it's almost the same as Russia. Communicating with you I, want to learn about how people live in your country.By the way, tell me about your country and where you live Can you add pictures of your favorite placesMaybe our communication will lead us to something more. Talking to you distracts me from my daily routine, it's wonderful.It's wonderful to talk with a responsive and decent person. Living here in the country, I understand that people need each other very much.I replace communicating with people with music, I love music. I know how to play the piano. I like to sing to myself sometimes.Near me there is a big lake and a forest, where I gather mushrooms and berries. On the lake I sometimes catch fish. Fishing, this is another one of my hobbies.I couldn't find a photo from fishing to show you my catch. I'll be sure to look for them when I'm free tonight and send them to you in my next email.Mostly I just sit by the lake and dream, about love, about my future. People need love, love will save this crazy world.As you've already figured out I have many hobbies. I read a lot. I like to read books when I go walking my goats in the meadow.I take a big umbrella with me, sit under it in the meadow and read books. I read everything. Now started reading the book "Not like the others," the author Mark Levy.This book was given to me last week by my customers.) When I go to the city, I go with friends to the theater, to music concerts.I don't understand the modern youth, they are more important than their phone and internet and their life goes unnoticed because they live other people's lives Today I'm in a very good mood. I feel like singing. Now I start my car and go to the village to buy food. In my village, there is no store.Then I want to get my tractor ready. He needs a little fix it.Until the next letter, my friend Sam. Sincerely, Natalia Korgan."



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