Female Scammer Nadezhda Nikitina

Nadezhda Nikitina

Female Scammer Nadezhda Nikitina

E-mail: LadyKiska@weblovemail.com
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First Name: Nadezhda
Location [Address]: Baumana street 26-38, Yoshkar- Dzerzhinsk (Russia); Novocheb
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Anastasija, Anastasiy, Anastas

Reports :

she contacted me on the dating site, after a few messages she asked to Talk on Hangouts. she apparantly had a 9 yrs old soon who lives with her mom in Florida. In Feb she had to go to Ghana to sort out why her shipment endend there and not South africa. she Tool 30000 Dollars with her knowing her Card would not work there. Been a Bank clerk myself I told her that is rubbish. she then had to pay 56000 Dollars to get the shipment er send as the paperwork used was out of date..... I questioned that she then asked me to send money so she could find a place to stay there. Told her I was now unemployed and that I can't..... 2 days later she stopped contact. Have Found different Profiles of her on American Match and confronted her. Her excuse was that her Internet Stick with fotos and Laptop were Stolen out of her car. I had a bad feeling all along Thats why I invented the story about me losing my job......close call I would say!!!



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