Female Scammer Michel Anderson

Michel Anderson

Female Scammer Michel Anderson

E-mail: michelanderson441@gmail.com
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First Name: Michel
Location [Address]: unknown Porto-Novo (Benin)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Micheal, Michiel

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Scamming scenario:
This lady contacted me in the middle of April, telling me that I saw your email address on the dating website, and in the same letter hinting at a prospect to start an internship outside of Ukraine. She claimed that she was medical student, specializing in dentistry, and was now preparing documents for her stay in my country. She was very happy to announce that I received a scholarship for an internship in your country. Your country has been chosen for a reason but then I have a problem. I can`t come to you. I tried to solve this problem myself, nothing has turned out. Problem is small amount of money. My love, Richard I need 413 USD. So she asked me to help her.



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