Female Scammer Matse Mandisi

Matse Mandisi

Female Scammer Matse Mandisi

E-mail: Matse28@yahoo.com
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First Name: Matse
Location [Address]: unknown Dakar (Senegal); Yoshkar-Ola
Age: 31
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, J

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Hi my lovely!I don't know what are you talking obout in your last letter. Who get money from other sources? I am???? It's not true. And I don't understand what is wrong with your western union.I found out also about other company who make transfers in the world. This company is moneygram.If you can't use western union for some reasons please try to use service of this company.You can learn about it on www.moneygram.com The procedure of making transfer is same. Please help me soon and we will be together. Don't forget about necessary information for me also. I will need to know your full name, full address, and confirmation number of transfer(8 digits)Send transfer to any branch to Chelyabinsk and I will get it just tell me address where you will send. I love you and will wait for your help my dear. I need you so badly! I want you so much! Today is such warmer as usual. But it seems to me that the autumn will come soon! What about the weather where in your place? I awoke this morning with very good thoughts. I know exactly that it was you in my dream. You know, it was a wonderful dream! We had a leisurely walk on the seaside. We were going so close from the coast that the waves caresses our feet. There was so beautiful blue sky and the seagulls were spining just under our heads. We were holding on our hands, talking and laughing about something. Suddenly we stopped. Our eyes had meet - It was amazing! So real! I couldn't forget it! After this you lifted me up and brought me from the bank to the place where the sand was not so wet. You laid me carefully down on the sand and began to flatter me! My alarm clock had awake me. What's a pity! It was so natural! I began to believe that it is a truth. So romantic! What do you think! Is it possible? Tell me can we repeat it in one's walking hours? I hope we'll do! Well I came to the window, the day was warm so I was able to feel the gentle rays of the sun. I wish that this dream will come true someday With love yours Diane!



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