Female Scammer Mary Dobo

Mary Dobo

Female Scammer Mary Dobo

E-mail: diana_mary53@yahoo.com
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First Name: Mary
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Daina, Diane, Dianna, Maire, M

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Hello darling Sonny!!!!...
I'm Mary Dobo and I'm very glad to meet you!!!! Maybe you know a lot of Mary, but I hope to become for you one in a million......Maybe it happens only in fairy tales, but I want to believe in it. Women are all different, each chooses her own way. One can live with an alcoholic who constantly beats her. And I don't want such a life. I don't want to walk around with a hope, that my life will change. I don't want to wait any longer. So I'm here looking for the right man for me. I know it's not an easy path, but the road to happiness is always full of difficulties. But I am sure if we make steps towards each other we will find out that a half way has already been passed by us. I don't know the future and may be it is a good thing, but I'm ready for a new chapter in my life. I'm open for it - to love and be loved.My heart is free...... I'll wait for your letter.... Mary



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