Female Scammer Marina 


Female Scammer Marina 

E-mail: p.ivanovna@yahoo.ca
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First Name: Marina
Location [Address]: Cheboksary
Age: 30
Birth Date: 15-04-1985

Reports :

Letter 1Hi Fredrik,Excuse, that has not answered you at once.As you already know my name Maria. I live in Nizhni Novgorod. That is in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. It is a little about me. I the cheerful cheerful girl, with good sense of humour. Passionate, sensitive, sociable. I dream of creation of the family. I want to give the person love, respect, heat which requires it. I like to travel, rest with friends on the nature. My hobby this preparation of various dishes. I like poetry. I love Pushkin, Nekrasov, Yesenin\'s verses. At leisure I like to go to pool, to meet friends. I like to listen to music. I play on a guitar a little. At me father plays on a guitar. I very much like to listen to game on a guitar. Sometimes in week-end we sit with it together we play on a guitar. At us it turns out rather well. It is pleasant to me. To family too. I love children. I am not in haste to marry, because I of the person who will understand me and whom I shall love and respect all other part of a life. I am warm and care, friendly, open and optimistic. I search only for serious attitudes. I would like to meet the intellectual and active person who is interested in a life as I am and who can enjoy everything, that it will consist from: work also communication, movement and music, character and love. Ask all questions interesting you. I shall try to answer as it is possible sincerely. I do not drink practically. I drink wine, but is very rare. Usually it occurs on holidays, or in campaign of friends. Tell about itself. Where you work? Than be engaged during free time from work? How old are you? Who you on a horoscope? What your hobby? Tell about your family. Send the photos. Thanks for your letter. Maria. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Fredrik, I want to tell from the first letter to you about the intentions. Excuse me if I cannot answer you at once a mail. I at once want you to warn, that between us there were no quarrels because of it. I shall try to answer your mail every day. Excuse me please. I not so well know the English language. I am not able to write well in English. I talk in English much better. I hope, that you understand everything, that I write to you in mail. Thanks for the story about itself. I think to us it will be pleasant to communicate together. Excuse, that I once again speak you. I search for serious attitudes. If you want to play with me or your intentions to me not so serious that can not write to me. You not against if we with you at once shall solve all on this question. You want to find what girl? I want to find reliable respecting me the man. The person who trusted me is necessary for me. Certainly the trust will come at us with you not at once. But it is necessary for us will learn to trust each other from the first letters. What do you think of it? Ask all questions interesting you. I shall try to answer them as it is possible sincerely. With impatience I wait your answer. Maria. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Fredrik, I shall try to write to you every day. If you suddenly will not see my letter that do not lose me please. I shall write to you to other time. I am glad to learn, that you do not play attitudes. I too do not play with people. On me if we shall learn will trust each other from the first letters to us more easy to build the attitudes. I sincerely hope, that our attitudes will grow every day all more strongly and more strongly. We with you build our attitudes. From that what attitudes we want depends, that with us will be farther. Now it is necessary for us to trust each other, then we shall want with you to meet. Such time when both of us shall want will come to see each other. The meeting first of all will show us approach we each other whether or not. During a meeting we shall already decide, that we should do further in our attitudes. With impatience I wait your answer. Maria. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks big. At me everything is all right. Today last working day. Week-end tomorrow begins. I do not have any plans for this account. Probably I shall go to cinema or I shall engage something to anothers. Fredrik what plans at you on week-end? Than you usually are engaged in week- end? In Russia Christmas celebrate on January, 7. Up to Christmas there is more month. I have no still any plans for Christmas. I know, that you celebrate Christmas at the end of December. How you celebrate Christmas? Fredrik that happened with your automobile? Why it has burned down? In week-end I cannot read your mail. I shall try to answer your letters on Monday. I wish successful you week-end. Maria. ----------------------------------------------------------- My answer to you on a mail which you have sent me one week ago was. I do not know why you have not received this mail. I have sent you her on sixth of December. Hej Fredrik, Excuse me please, for that that could not answer you yesterday. Yesterday I could not write to you the letter. It is a little about that as has passed my week-end. At us it is a lot of snow. In this week-end I was at relatives behind city. Time has lead very interestingly. First we with family did shish kebabs in a court yard of a house. Shish kebabs have turned out very tasty. I have lead time very interestingly. In revival skied. Yet so it is a lot of snow. But to go for a drive it is possible. Ice on lake already very strong. As it is a pity, that at me has failed to drive on it on skates. I shall not clean it. Probably on skates to drive I shall go to the following week-end. Probably we with the girlfriend descend in an ice palace. As has passed your week-end. I hope, that at you successful week- end was. We in Russia have such sign: With whom you will meet Christmas and new year, with that you will lead this year \". Only I would like to make in it some amendment. Instead of one year to tell with that you will lead a life. I very much wanted, that at me all has come true the next year. I think it is not necessary to send me a gift for Christmas. Leave better it on an our meeting. When we shall meet then present. I shall look forward your mail. I wish you successful day. Maria. -------------------------------------------------------- Hello Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. I\'m fine. As usually work. I today all the day long thought of you. I worked with ideas on you. To me to work so it becomes twice more pleasant. I hope, as you too think of me. Already half of December approaches. Approach of new year is felt. People start to fuss already. Already now it is so much to people in shops, in the street. Something is necessary for all. Everyone prepare for new year. Everyone try to buy all beforehand. Will soon start to sell New Year trees. My father behind a fur-tree likely will go again to village to relatives. Soon all stations will be filled with sellers of fur-trees. So much wishing to sell the fur-trees, so much wishing to buy. As they say there is a demand, means there is also an offer. At you approach of new year and Christmas is felt? Fredrik let\'s make so that your New Year\'s wishes have necessarily come true. I think a meeting this best wish. Still if the meeting will come true, it will be simply fine. What do you think of it? I wish you pleasant day. Maria. --------------------------------------------- Hej Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. Today after work I shall go at date of a birth of the girlfriend. To it 30 years are executed. She is little bit more younger than me. Birthday at it will be at home. Most its close friends will gather. Still it is necessary for me to go in shop to buy to it a gift. I think to buy to it a souvenir. I shall choose to it very beautiful gift. I want, that my gift remained with it in memory for a long time. If I am fair practically I do not know, that it can be presented. I know Shop, here in Nizhni Novgorod where sell many various souvenirs. I hope, that search of a gift will not borrow from me a lot of time. It is necessary for me to be in time on an electric train. Birthday begins in 18:00 evenings. I very much want to be in time on the beginning. I think it will be necessary to prepare for speech for a congratulation. It will be necessary to buy necessarily to it a card. At us it is a lot of cards with congratulations it is sold. I think, that with speech for a congratulation I have consulted itself. Tomorrow I to you shall tell as have passed its birthday. My work consists in sale of food stuffs. I work as the seller in shop. I hope for a fast reply. Maria. ----------------------------------------- Dear Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. Per day a birth the relatives at my girlfriend have gathered. As usually all over again there were congratulations. I have congratulated her on a holiday. At it round date. To it thirty years. This day she has crossed third ten. I have presented it a card and a figurine. The gift will always remind it of me. I think, that the gift should remain for memory necessarily. We have sat the good company. I already for a long time so did not sit with friends. The holiday has very much liked me. Good campaign, good music that else is necessary for a good holiday. I did not begin to sit up for a long time at it at date of a birth. At 22:00 I have already gone home. I have said goodbye to it, have wished it all good, have wished her happy birthday once again and have thanked for a holiday. In five minutes I already was at home. I liked its birthday. It is a little about my week-end. On Saturday we with mum went to shop. We have already prepared for a meeting of New year and Christmas. All that was necessary we have bought with it. I think, that now we are available to a meeting of New year. It are necessary to put a fur-tree of a house only. During a week or in week-end my father will go to relatives for city and will bring therefrom a fur-tree. Already many fur-trees sell. People from villages go to sell fur-trees to Nizhni Novgorod. Every year many people sell fur-trees. I think, that it is better to put an artificial fur- tree. She will much longer stand. But from the present fur-tree good aroma. In week-end I already a trouble together with mum to decorate a fur-tree. I like it to do since the childhood. At us like all is for this purpose. I think, that very beautiful, decorated fur- tree will turn out. Already approach of new year is very well felt. In revival sat at home. Helped mum on a facilities. My week-end was passed by me think normally. Approach of new year is already well felt. Streets all are decorated. All on fires. When you go home after work all looks so beautifully. All speaks about new year. In shops all is beautiful. Everyone prepare for celebrating new year. On work we already shall soon celebrate new year. Probably at the end of this week or on following. Work not so is pleasant to me. It would be desirable something more easy. I want to work on the speciality. My speciality the cook. But unfortunately to find good work of the cook very difficultly. Now all good work on acquaintances. To find good work it is necessary to have good familiar. But I do not get tired to search for work, I hope, that I shall find work interesting to. I wish you successful week. Maria. -------------------------------------------------- Hej Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. How you today? I hope, that all at you in the order. I shall buy the gifts to relatives likely in this week-end. How you think we shall meet you in new year? It is a little about me. Works this month has considerably increased. Especially is closer to week-end. At us buy up all goods. To us have not time to bring new. Days fly now very quickly. We together with all working personnel and the heads shall celebrate new year next week. We have removed one cafe nearby to our shop. I think, very interesting celebrating new year will turn out. After that only it is necessary to celebrate new year together with family and close friends. At us already all speaks about new year. The city is full of celebratory fires. At night in city very beautifully. All city on different fires. All is decorated, all is beautiful. Our shop so have decorated. Now here so it is beautiful. To work begins pleasantly. At us in a court yard have put a New Year tree. It is such beautiful fur-tree. Yesterday when I came back from work she already shined various fires. At us approach of new year is very well felt. I wish you pleasant day. Maria. --------------------------------------------------- Hello Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. I hope, what you have already prepared for gifts to the relatives? Yes the Christmas is fast. Only in all countries the Christmas is celebrated in December, and in Russia in January. At us now prepare for new year. In city already all is decorated. All is very beautiful. At us have already put a fur-tree on work. It is small but very beautiful fur- tree. Today we decorated her. We have decorated today a place of our work. Began so beautifully. All began to remind new year. Around we have decorated all a tinsel. We have acted today like designers. I very much liked to feel like in a role of the designer. It is a pity, that there is no photo, and that I necessarily would send you her. I think to you necessarily very much it was pleasant. Now my place of work looks very festively. At myself I too began to decorate houses on the sly. It began to put only a fur-tree at home. On Saturday likely there will be a fur-tree. On Saturday I shall decorate her. I shall go to week-end behind gifts for native and close. It is a pity, that I cannot present you a gift for Christmas. When we shall meet you I shall necessarily prepare for you for a gift. For me the best gift for Christmas would be a meeting with you. But unfortunately in a reality to this it will be carried out will fail. Thanks for your sexual picture. I have looked to me it wanted to do too most, but only with the favourite person. Probably you will my special person. I hope for it. I think, that new year to us together with you to meet it will not be possible, but to meet in new year we necessarily you we can. I wait your mail. Maria. -------------------------------------- Hello Dear Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you I shall esteem today. Thanks. With Christmas of you Fredrik. I congratulate you beforehand as I can not write to you the letter to this week-end. In this week-end I shall decorate a New Year tree at myself in the house. The daddy tomorrow will bring a fur-tree. I shall try to decorate her so that it was very beautiful. We with mum shall decorate her. Whether I do not know I can send you a photo of my fur-tree. It will be very interesting day. We shall decorate with its tinsel, we shall hang up on it many toys. It will be the most beautiful fur-tree. In a court yard we have fur-tree. Her decorated with all court yard. The administration on it only has hung up luminous fires. It too a beautiful fur-tree, but I am sure, that the fur-tree at me in the house will be much more beautiful, though she not such size. On work a fur-tree too beautiful. We decorated her all. She has turned out very beautiful. It is pleasant to me. In revival I shall go to buy to the relatives gifts. I do not know, that particularly I want to buy him. There are certainly plans. I can shall come to shop and I shall see very interesting things. To me necessarily him will want them to buy. I think it is necessary to buy gifts which will necessarily be remembered by him. Gifts are necessary such that the person to whom have presented this gift when looked at him at once recollected the person who them has presented it. It is a pity, that I cannot present you a gift for Christmas. If we would celebrate this Christmas together I has presented you a gift which was remembered to you for all life. I wish you successful celebrating of Christmas. Successful to you of week-end. Maria. ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks. Every day from day of our acquaintance all of us learn each other better. Every day we with you all become closer to each other. I very much want, that so proceeded and is farther. Now we with you became good friends. I think in anyone acquaintances first of all become friends, and already after it attitudes develop further. You agree with it? I hope. That it only the beginning of our attitudes, and in the near future with you waits for us very happy future. I sincerely hope for it. I hope, that we already shall meet the following Christmas and new year necessarily together. We likely on work shall celebrate new year on Friday. I shall celebrate new year with the family. Probably then I shall go to friends. I meet new year necessarily with the parents. I think. They first of all are necessary for congratulating on this holiday. You where want to meet new year? With impatience I wait your mail. Maria. --------------------------------------------------- Dear Fredrik, With new year coming you. Tomorrow I shall celebrate new year on work. We shall arrange as though the New Year\'s party. Tomorrow I cannot write you the letter. I think, that I cannot write to you the letter likely during a week. For this time it is necessary to make a lot of miscellaneous. I want after I meet new year together with family and with friends to go to village to relatives. I shall necessarily make it. I think it is necessary to congratulate happy New Year all relatives. I possible can write only to you in a week or even later. I think you understand, that holidays begin. With coming new year of you. I wish you. That at you all your desires were carried out. I want. That you have executed everything, that have conceived this year, but at you it has failed to carry out. In new year I want, that at you all was carried out about what you have conceived. Health, happiness to you, the everything else I think it is possible to reach if it to want. I hope, that we necessarily shall meet you in new year. This year at us with you has failed to meet. So let in new year everything, that we have conceived will necessarily be executed. My wish to you in verses: Happy New Year I congratulate! Happiness all soul I wish, To live to you this year Without grief and cares. That at success to you to work, And for a holiday to have fun, And success to you in affairs, and smiles on lips! Once again I congratulate you on new 2006. Success in all undertakings. Health, happiness and love. And that new year was much better than old. Maria. --------------------------------------------------- Hi Fredrik, I am glad to receive from you a mail after new year. Excuse, that has not written to you earlier. How have celebrated new year? I hope a holiday it has turned out as well as possible. I have celebrated new year well. The meeting of new year has very much liked me. It is a pity, that we celebrated this new year not together with you. I hope, that we shall



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