Female Scammer Marilyne Abarley

Marilyne Abarley

Female Scammer Marilyne Abarley

E-mail: marilyneabarley@gmail.com
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First Name: Marilyne
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 34
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I met Marilyne when I first joined Mate1 dating site. She told me Her name was Agnes Essel from Agona Swedru, Ghana. We corresponed for a good while. I was so gullable and stupid thinking she was serious and I sent her $3000 for airfare, visa, passport and soon she emailed me back and said she needed another $1000 to take care of medicals that she had to get to enable her to book a flight. Again I figured I was already in for $3000 and I sent her another thousand. Then she came up with a tale that the Ghanian Embassy wanted me to send $12,000 to ensure them I was serious and she would be taken care of, or she could not book a flight. She has some man there working with her claiming to be at the Embassy and he tryed to convince me to send her the money.She promised me when I sent her the last $1000 that was all she needed to book her flight and come to me. She lied, cheated and scammed me out of $4000 with no intention of coming to me and even until this day is trying to get me to send her $12,000 more dollars. I want to know if you know already that this woman is a scammer why hasn't something been done to her. I want to press charges against her and see her where she belongs, in jail.



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