Female Scammer Maria Mosunova

Maria Mosunova

Female Scammer Maria Mosunova

E-mail: Mashavladimir@yahoo.com
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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: Russia, 610000, Vladimir, Leni Vladimir (Russia)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Maha, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah,

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"I believe that only with love in your heart you can be really happy. Love for me is a feeling, which contains passion, friendship, trust, and understanding. On the other hand, I'm a very positive and optimistic person and you will never get bored with me. I'm a serious woman you can rely on. I know what are my goals and I always try to achieve them! I do not concentrate on problems, but concentrate on creating happiness and pleasure around me. I love having fun and feeling happiness and harmony in myself. I also like to smile my smile is very sincere and real and I would like you to see my smile every morning!I want to find my special man. Maybe you're single and lonely like me. I think that it won't be long now. I need a calm and confident man. For me age and financial status of man are not important. With age I realized that money doesn't make people happy. I want my future husband with a good sense of humor. I'm used to always joking. My future husband must love animals, to do good, to be always friendly, respect women and to bring me coffee in the morning in bed. I would like us to love each other and know what true love is. Are you ready for real feelings with me"



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