Female Scammer Maria Martynyak

Maria Martynyak

Female Scammer Maria Martynyak

E-mail: Lily-fair@mail.ru
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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: Ukraine, Lvov region, Zalochiv Kiev (Ukraine); Krasnodon (Uk
Age: 23
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lili, Lilly, Maha, Marija, Mar

Reports :

Same old story, she post a beautiful picture to grab your attention, sends several emails with some pictures of a gorgeous girl, then the next email, the girl doesn't quite look the same, and then emails with girl that doesn't look nothing like the previous ones. Says she lives in small town and must go to ******, regional town, at internet cafe. Letter today said, after I had asked her about cafe, that she goes to cage in morning, or during the break or in the evening after work. I receive each email around noon everyday in USA. Now she tells me that she may not be able to email me because she needs money to pay for correspondence to me. If she cannot write it is because she has ran out of money. She was very addimant about me sending her a photo. Why should that matter in a scam is beyond my intelligence. I came across this site when I typed in her hometowm on google search. Thank god for a site like this. I will play her game for a while and see where it goes for the fun of it, but she will not get any money from me.



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