Female Scammer Maria Evtushenko

Maria Evtushenko

Female Scammer Maria Evtushenko

E-mail: evtushmarisp@gmail.com
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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: Ukraina, 89500, Chop, Kapushan Chop (Ukraine)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Maha, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah,

Reports :

Hello my love, Fernando.....
"Thank for the letter, each your letter brings for me pleasure. My love, I very much wants to be with you together! I want to be with you together all life and never you to leave for one second.I agree with you that at us should be two children. The boy and the girl. But the boy should be more senior than the sister. That he protected and helped the little sister.I dream of our joint life during long our life! I dream of that as we with you shall walk on a nature. I dream as we with you together we bathe in any mountain lake with a falls. You will show me such lake? I saw on TV, that such lakes are. I want to be together with you there - in a lonely place about which we know only with you! Small lake, and we together, absolutely ***** float in this lake and we stand under a small falls! It is my dream. Also there we may be engaged in love as soon as we shall wish it passionately! My love you dream of it? Dreams I strengthen love! It is dream has strengthened my love. What dreams strengthen your love? We shall be engaged in love in water. Water in this lake very transparent and pure! The bottom of lake and small fishes is visible! And we see our bodies through water. Our bodies copulate together! It is peak of our happiness! You hold me on hands, and I cave in a back back! Water around of us creates sparks! And beams of the sun being reflected from sparks of water create a rainbow. It is paradise! I love you. Let's arrange this paradise, this dream really for us. I believe, that sometime this dream will be carried out and becomes a reality! What you think of it? It is important for me to know your opinion. You the most dear for me persons!!! Now I need to go. You always with me in my heart!!! I love you my darling Fernando!!!!!!! your love Maria Evtushenko"



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