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Female Scammer lyudmila 


Female Scammer lyudmila 


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First Name: lyudmila
Location [Address]: IrkutskIrkutsk (Russia)
Age: 25
Birth Date:

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Scam Report

Hi my new friend! I am very glad to read your letter, is glad to that that you have answered me the letter and have written to me on my address, I am glad. As I hope that that you have seen my profile on a site for what purpose on a site, only for more serious relations, for family creation. Therefore I on this site for acquaintance. The lovely friend I will tell to you at once if you have written to me that will ask at a naked photo through some letters in that case this letter for you the last. I appreciate friendship, I appreciate kindness, I appreciate in the person that that it the person, fair, lovely, tender and gentle. I hope that that you approve me and support me in it. I was interested by your profile and I have decided to write to you. I hope that that you at heart search to yourself for the girl to create to itself a family it so? I wish to tell to you that you answered my questions as for me it very important because I would not wish to be upset in your letters on that that you for the sake of that communicate with me to receive my photos. But I hope that that it not so. I hope that that you understand me in my letter. If you do not understand me, I ask that you wrote me all that you think, because it is very important for me.

The lovely friend and now I would like to tell to you a little about myself. I the Russian girl, live in the city of Volzhsk. I hope that that you heard about this small city. It is a small city, I to you a little that can tell about it so it than is not known. But I am glad that that I live in this city as in this city there has passed all my childhood, here again all my friends. I hope that that you understand me my new friend?

Now I to you will tell short about myself:

I the cheerful cheerful girl, love the nature dialogue with friends. I like to float, walk on the bank of the river. My growth has 168 centimetres, weight mine of 56 kg, a hair colour the blonde, eyes my blue. Whether I do not know I am beautiful but I do not take offence at the nature, I am glad that that I such, and not the silly. And you what consider me? I wish to learn your answer.

The lovely friend I think that you will read my letter up to the end and will answer me the letter. I will be very glad to read your following letter. And I think that that you will answer my letter. I wish you pleasant and light day. With impatience I will wait for your letter. The girlfriend from Russia Lyudmila.



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