Female Scammer Ludmila 


Female Scammer Ludmila 

E-mail: lyudasha@front.ru
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First Name: Ludmila
Location [Address]: unknown Samara (Russia)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Liudmila, Luda, Ludasha, Ludon

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Scam Report

I was contacted by this person on the match web site. It went on for weeks and then I received a letter about being her representative in a large oil transaction. I then received the letter for confirmation from a Capital Funds representative. At this time I became convinced it was not real and went back to searching the web for any of the names in the letter and that is when I discovered a letter matching mine on the site. I believe they may be targeting mens and that the next letters from said party would have been for use of my bank info and paying them money to receive the funds from a large sale of Magellan shares. I would like to stop these people, as it is a high level scam and I am sure many men are being drawn in. I would also like to protect the person who's picture they are using if this is an uninvolved party. I could use your help in knowing what I can do further to stop this scam.



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