Female Scammer Loredana Veronica Puscasu

Loredana Veronica Puscasu

Female Scammer Loredana Veronica Puscasu

E-mail: florinloory2007@yahoo.com
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First Name: Loredana Veronica
Location [Address]: strada Crinilor nr 7, Botosani Botosani (Romania)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Veronika

Reports :

"How about getting to know a good woman I'm wondering what did you pay attention to, my photo or read the text that I wrote I want to tell you right away that I live in Romania.I hope that this will not frighten you and will not alienate you from our communication and acquaintance.Now I live in Botosani and I am a little over 27 years old. We have a rather difficult situation right now, and I would like to arrange a long vacation outside of Romania in the near future, and perhaps permanently change my place of residence.I am sure that I am ready to build a serious relationship with a decent and adequate man who would be older than me and had a lot of experience of the years behind him.With a man who could support me at first, and help me realize my plans for life.With a man who would treat me with due respect and know how to hear my words.I would be interested to know about your habits and life priorities, about where you live now, and what you do.About your dreams and plans for the future. I hope that I will get an answer from you soon.I would really like you to attach your photos to your answer if it is possible for you. Have a good day.Loredana Veronica Puscasu."



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