Female Scammer Linda Robbert

Linda Robbert

Female Scammer Linda Robbert

E-mail: l.robbert@yahoo.com
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First Name: Linda
Location [Address]: 14 Toyin Street Off Ikeja, Ike Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
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Aliases: Lynda

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I have over thirdy letters from her right now . we were going to meet in mostki april 19 2008 but something was not right i could not find a hotel and she said she would take care of it when the time came i just caught on to her lies it's really sad that people are so evil and take people for there money and break their hearts i hope you catch her and put her in jail for many years i have not busted her yet with the news that i know about her is their anything you want me to do i will help you catch her if i can let me know soon by Friday 7 2008 by the 8 of april i will let the hammer down on her.



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