Female Scammer Linda James

Linda James

Female Scammer Linda James

E-mail: linda.janes640@yahoo.com
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First Name: Linda
Location [Address]: Ebussuut cd.23, Sirkeci, Turke Accra (Ghana); Pretoria (Sout
Age: 34
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lynda, Yusifa, Yusiff, Yussifa

Reports :

Letter 1Her letter is absolutely identical to the letters of another scammer Linda Hello friend! To me it is pleasant, that such good, interesting the man as you have written to me. I wish to learn you better. I have written my questionnaire on a site of acquaintances because very much I wish to meet the present love. I often thought - What huge our world and in it very much many people. And they absolutely know nothing about me, I would like, that my unique the man which is given to me destiny, me has found. I trust in destiny, the grandmother speaks - my destiny not a deceit! To be together, it needs time and efforts from your and my party. I am ready to romantic attitudes.
I know, that you about me do not know anything, I shall try you to tell: I live in the city of Nikolaev, it near Odessa by the black sea, I live with my mum, I do not like to live in Ukraine because people starve, badly live, we have not enough man, they do not have gravity and money, they do not love women, I wish to leave to live abroad. I heard about your life much and it is pleasan t to me your men. Now I study at university on 6 rate, it is last rate. Night I work, and put study at university, to me it is heavy, but I trust that when I to leave abroad, all my difficulties to finish. I shall work the journalist. At leisure I love knitting, (I the love to knit things with the open deep decollete, it seems to me is womanly and elegant, sexual for the woman) also I am very good to cook food, especially our national borshch, a pizza, salads and my husband probably, happy will have I still :-))) play such wife on a piano, sing ? Love to go on navigation, sports, love of animals. My dream - to have houses sports run - road of the house because at us sports by road, and are pleasant to me sports. I very much wish to meet kind, understanding the man is more senior than me to feel in safety near to it.
I very gentle, romantic, sexual also am ready to give much to my future husband. I am ready to marry, give birth now children, to look after them and to give t enderness and all my love children and to the husband. I would like to write much to you, but I understand, that the first letter is only acquaintance, but I very much would like, that we with you to steel - to the present close people that we did not have secrets from each other, I want pure and good relations.
Tell to me everything about what you want, write about dreams and you it is possible to ask to me any questions. I shall the answer fairly. Sincerely and with the big tendernel lindakol.67@mail.ru



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