Female Scammer Lina Unk

Lina Unk

Female Scammer Lina Unk

E-mail: IItoll@bk.ru
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First Name: Lina
Location [Address]: unknown Kanash (Russia)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Liina

Reports :

We started contact on the 7th of April via WhatsApp, before that we matched on Tinder. she told me she's at the US Army, working as an informational technologist. Then went to Afghanistan for an emergency. When she was there we had a phone call, first of all via video whatsapp, but I didn't really work, but i could see her, she was driving a car, wearing a uniform. Later we had a phone call from the Base without the video with a better connection for 20minutes.After 2 weeks of handsome daily contact she told me she has to go to the Iraq and the only thing to go out before her retirement is a special thing to go through. she send me an 18kg package with a tracking by swift courier, i should go to an embassy to legitimate that she's coming to me. I was sceptical and checked the internet and found the scammer side Here we are Its a mess, i try to stop the package and if it will get to me, i will not be able to take it.



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