Female Scammer Lily 


Female Scammer Lily 

E-mail: riingllett@yahoo.com
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First Name: Lily
Location [Address]: unknown Gagarin (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lileya, Lili, Lilichka, Lilija

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Scammer Scenario

Lily First contacted me through Facebook. On her facebook page, her name was Lily. We started talking on May 30 and our conversation ended on July 4th. It was at this time that she was offering me money and I rejected her. Through our conversation through hangouts she wanted me to have 1.8 million dollars and said she wanted to ship it to me. she said that she and her soldiers recovered this from a rebel camp and that this was her share. she wanted to surprise me with it. This part of the text made me feel uncomfortable. I gave her two email addresses and the paperwork that I was suppose to have filled out had signs of phishing activity. I pointed this out to her and she made me out to be a liar. So I blocked her. Now she's reappeared on Facebook sent me a friend request and messaged me with calling me wicked by blocking her and she's also seeking revenge. she said she wants to pay me back for what I did to her.



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