Female Scammer Lilia Belaya

Lilia Belaya

Female Scammer Lilia Belaya

E-mail: belaya_Lilia@list.ru
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First Name: Lilia
Location [Address]: unknown Lutugino (Ukraine)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lileya, Lilichka, Lilija, Lili

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Scam Report

This woman here is a Dating Scammer and she stole photos off a French man who lives in Ukraine, as a French Journalist.she's name is Lilia from San Direction California USA but at moment now she is in Georgia since 11 months ago doing research on she's further study in Doctorate Degree Counseling Psychology. she also works in the Psychology Research Institute. she is a widower with one daughter who lives in California USA. he lives in a child care support home. she's husband die two years ago. she also told me in two that she lives in San Diego but not San Direction California USA What a mixed up!!! In she's family there is no siblings in she's family just her! she also told me she is in Perth Australia at moment. Complete Liar she is!! she's photos all over the internet on different dating sites with different names and countries.



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