Female Scammer Katrina Isabel Flores

Katrina  Isabel Flores

Female Scammer Katrina Isabel Flores

E-mail: katrinaisabel_flores@yahoo.com
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First Name: Katrina Isabel
Location [Address]: 52 Ledesma St., Brgy, Carmen A Ozamis (Phillipines)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Katrine

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It probably about me I think it's too bold write to you messagefirst but i like it experiments! I wanted leave pleasant first impression of yourself. By the way sorry, I forgot call your name,My name is .My name is Katrina Isabel Flores I am 26 years old and I want to meet a man 45+ years, and I would really like meet With good a man. I live in wonderful city Almaty, he is in Ozamis (Phillipines), and where are you from I dedicated my whole life to my career and didn't pay enough attention to my personal life given the pace of today's world. So, I would like to try to start chatting with a man on the Internet.Tell me about your hobbies and talents would Nice to know anything about you.I will tell you more about myself next letter
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