Female Scammer Kate Handbburg

Kate Handbburg

Female Scammer Kate Handbburg

E-mail: katehandbburg76@yahoo.com
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First Name: Kate
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 34
Birth Date:
Aliases: Cate, Kat

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She contacted me on skype, we had contact from 12/6-10/2015 - she first tryed at 11/28/2015. First it was only nice talking by written chat and she asked me for ? 50 to buy a web-cam which I sent her. We used the cam and it was conspicuous, that I couldn't see her arms move when she was writing text. This made me suspicious. I asked her once, but she didn't react. I think someone else was typing for her outside of the picture. She tried to get money for her sick grandma in hospital for doctors and medicine. I gave her ? 50 for a new webcam by Western Union. She uses Whatsapp with above phone no. and skype with changing accounts: Munat Amin, Serwaa Maame, zxcvbn2681, zxcvbn9570, zxcvbn4911, xeniaxenia19.



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