Female Scammer Kate Chapa

Kate Chapa

Female Scammer Kate Chapa

E-mail: katechapa@yahoo.com
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First Name: Kate
Location [Address]: 41 Hotel way Ijebu-ode, Ogun, Ogun (Nigeria)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Cate, Kat

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"I am a home and family-oriented woman, and I enjoy spending time with my family and with my friends. You know, there is always something to do and in the future I dream to live in a nice and wonderful house with my future family. My dream is to build a nice, strong and happy family, where as partners will love, care and support each other, and I am sure everybody will deserve it. I dream of finding the right man to share my life with.I want to be sure in my man, to feel him, to understand him without words. I have always dreamed to create a united and happy family with a man who loves life, who will be attentive, tender and caring with me and we live in a nice, cozy house filled with sunlight, love and joy."



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