Female Scammer Juliet Murray

Juliet Murray

Female Scammer Juliet Murray

E-mail: julietmurray83@yahoo.com
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First Name: Juliet
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria); Nairobi (Ken
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Juilet, Julliet

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Scam Report:
She contacted me by unsolicited mean and included 5 pictures. I wrote back and was right away suspicious. I began to search for her by name and then by country and city. Searched several websites and nothing came up- as more info came to me I added to the search but nothing available. I continued writing and found that I was beginning to have feelings for her. Big mistake. I am older and have been recently fighting cancer and have been feeling vulnerable and lonely. We corresponded more and she said she wanted to come here to visit. We wrote about that for awhile. She then said she only had half the money and needed 656 American dollars. So I sent 700.00 even. However I didn't really have it to so I used a credit card, kinda of. I sent the money Western Union and they do not directly take a credit card only a debit card. So had to make a cash advance on credit card and transferred it top my checking account so I could use my debit card. Lesson is never use Western Union. I keep searching because I was starting to believe she was a scammer. To make a long story shorter, she finally decided to try the, I need money to visit scam I turned her down and that seemed to stop her from bugging me. Also she had claimed to live in Huron, South Dakota, USA. for 4 months. Another lie. She is very polished and convincing. So let the buyer beware. Will e-mail text and pictures.



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