Female Scammer Julia Ivanova

Julia Ivanova

Female Scammer Julia Ivanova

E-mail: yulchishka@bk.ru
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First Name: Julia
Location [Address]: Ukraine, 64300, Izyum, Proleta Izyum (Ukraine)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, J

Reports :

Letter 1 Hello John. How are you? It is Siana from "YahooPersonals". Do you still remember me? Here is web link to my photo album again: http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd126/ksiana1970/
I hope you did not forget about me!:) First of all I want to say that I am very glad that you replied me. Sorry for delay with my reply, but I got cold and did not check my email box. But now I feel myself good. And now I want to introduce myself to you. I will write in this letter about myself and about my life, about some simple things, and I think it will help you to understand who I am. My name is Tatsiana. But all my friends call me Siana. As about me, I like both names, Tatsiana and Siana. And you can call me Siana or Tatsiana.
I am 37 years old. My birthday is 6 of February and my astrological sign is Aquarius. I am 170 cm tall and my weight is 54-55kg. I have never been married and I do not have children. I was born and grew up in Europe, in Belarus. Do you know where is Belarus? Do you heard about it before? It is near Poland and Lithuania. Now I am in Belarus, but in December I will move to Dallas. I will live and work in Dallas, and soon US will become my new home.:) I decided to move to Dallas, because political and social situation is not good in Belarus, and it seem to me that it will become worse in future, if you heard about situation in Belarus you will understand what I am talking about.
I traveled a lot and I have been in many countries, but I decided to move to US because I think that it is best place to live. And I am sure that I made good choice. I will write about my move to Dallas in details in the end of this letter. Now I live and work in Minsk, it is capitol of Belarus and it is very beautiful city with great history. Do you heard about Minsk before? I am musician. I finished Minsk Music Academy and I am professianal pianist. I work in music agency as private music teacher, I teach children to play piano. I love my job very much and I am sure that I was born to become musician and piano teacher.
Music is important part of my life and I cant imagine my life without music. Ok, now I will write what I like and what I do not like... Music...I like music very much and I am sure that you already understood it.:) Most of all I like jazz music and rock music. But to say true I like all styles of music...for example.
I like U2 and Madonna, Anastasia and Miles Davis, BB King and Beatles. Also I like classical music, and classical music is part of my work. Most of all I like Chopin and Mozart, they are my favorite composers. I have very big collection of Music, more then 600 Cd's. As pianist I like to play jazz very much and also I like to compose my own music, people who listened my music told me that it is good and that they like my music, but maybe they told me it only because they did not want to upset me... But I hope they told me truth.:) Films...I like good humor and I like to laugh, that is why most of all I like comedy films. When I feel myself sad I prefer to watch good comedy film and it always helps me. Also I like history films and different dramatical films. I cant say wich film is my favorite, because there are many great films and I cant choose one. My favorite actors are : Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Anthony Hopkins and Harrison Ford. As about actresses, my favorite actresses are: Nickole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Also I like theatre very much and I think that it is great art. I visited many theatres in Europe. I like to read. Most of all I like to read history novels, different mystical detective books and classical literature. My favorite writer is M.Bulghakov and most of all I like his book "Master and Margarita",I read it many times, it is very interesting book. Did you read "Master and Margarita"? I have a lot of books in my colection. Sport...All sport games are good, but my favorite kind of sport is tennis, I like to watch it on TV and also I like to play tennis too, but I am not very good tennis player and I need more practice. I visit gym 1-2 times in a week, because I like to be in good form. My favorite colors are blue and white. Also I like flowers very much. Most of all I like roses, I think that roses are most beautiful flowers in the world. Also I like to travel very much...I have been in many countries. I worked in Germany, France and England. Many times I visited Polad and Lithuania. I have been in Japan (in Tokio), I visited Turkey and Cyprus. I am very curious woman and I like to visit new places. I have never been in US before, but I know that there are many interesting places in US. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohole drinks, only on great holidays I can drink glas of red wine, but not more. As I wrote in the begining of my letter, I have never been married and I do not have children. All people who know me always ask me why I am still alone and always I do not know what to answer... sometimes life is very difficult to explain... but I think that I still did not meet "man of my life", that is why I am still alone. I am little bit shy person, but not too much. And I am very romatic woman and I still belive in true love and I like different romantic things. I am looking for serious relationship. I think that all good relationships begins from good friendships. Also I am sure that there are 3 most important things in relationship - honesty, trust and communication, I think it is key to good relationship between two people. And I am sure that two people must respect each other, it is very important too. Ok, now more details about my move to Dallas. I will move to Dallas in the middle of December. Now I do not know exact date of my arrival, but on Monday I will find out date and time of my arrival to Dallas. In Dallas I will work as music teacher in family, I will look for children and will teach them to play piano. It will be only work for first time , and after 6-8 months I will find better job for me. I am planing to live in US, I know that it will be not easy for me to start new life in new place, but I am very hardworking woman and I am ready to all difficulties. I know myself and I know what I can, I am great optimist and I am sure that all will be good. And I am sure that I made good choice when I chose US. Ok, I need to end my letter at this time, it seem to me that it was most longest letter in my life. I hope you did not fall asleep during reading!:) I am sure that I forgot to write about many things, but I will continue to write about myself in my next letter. And I will add more photos to my online photo album. And I hope you will like my new photos.:) And also I will send you my phone number, I think it will be nice to talk by phone. Please write me all about you, write me about you life, work, about things you like and things you do not like, it all will be interesting for me. And please send me as many pictures as you can. If you have any questions, ask me, and I will be glad to answer on all your questions. Again, thank you for your reply. I will be waiting for your letter. Write me soon! Best regards. Siana.



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