Female Scammer Julia Bundzanga

Julia Bundzanga

Female Scammer Julia Bundzanga

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First Name: Julia
Location [Address]: Ukraine, 4600, Ternopol, Vesel Ternopol (Ukraine)
Age: 23
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, J

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Hello!!!! "I would really like to meet you and meet if you are not against it and are looking for the same thing as me.My name is Julia Bundzanga, I am 23 years old and I have a daughter named Daria.I love her very much. We now live in Ukraine in a city called Ternopol.I like it here, but I want to move on. I don't want to hear about the war, about death, and even more so I don't want my beloved daughter to hear and see it.I'm all alone right now. We have no relatives or friends nearby.Previously, we lived in Ukraine in the city of Odessa, but when the war began, we hurried to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. I really want to find that man who could love us, take care of us and protect us.We are girls and need support and care. we want peace, love and joy. I want a better life for my beloved daughter.My daughter is 6 years old and next year she will go to school. I don't want her to hear and see the war. I want peace for her.First the Corona virus, now the war. What's next. When will everything get better and everyone will live happily?Don't you know that? I hope that you will answer my letter and we will be able to communicate and get to know each other better and more.Have a nice day. I look forward to your reply. Julia"



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